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ecommerce Fulfillment ServicesSmpl’s OMS is a flexible, open source system designed for multi-channel retailers. It’s easy to customize and seamlessly integrates with over 20 eCommerce platforms and shopping cart systems, 10 payment gateways, and several popular third-party accounting packages. In addition, the system is fully inter-operable with leading warehouse management, drop shipping, barcoding, and EDI systems. By combining our rich functionality with that best-of-breed complementary solution partners, your employees have accurate information their fingertips at times, enabling them to make rapid, proactive decisions that eliminate costly errors, increase inventory turns, minimize out-of-stocks, maximize customer service, and improve overall performance.

Customer Management

Collects, organizes, manages and analyzes all vital customer information, preferences and loyalty levels to streamline the purchasing, ordering, and fulfillment process.


Reduces out of stocks and excess inventory by managing vendor information, automating the ordering/reordering process, maintaining purchase orders, confirming receipt of products, and generating payments.

Product Catalog and Pricing

Allows the users to create, classify and maintain product information, attributes, brand assets and pricing tables, as well as configure kits, upsells, and cross-sells.

Order and Inventory Management

Provides visibility, control and efficiency over your online, in-store or call-center orders, enabling you to increase sales by improving customer service, maximizing inventory turns, and decreasing costly shipping errors.

Fulfillment and Shipping

Automates order routing, processes returns and exchanges, and streamlines the shipping process with multiple carriers including UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Executive Information and Alerts

A powerful trend analysis tool that features over 200 standard reports and graphical displays, ad-hoc reporting capabilities, and an exceptional management dashboard that puts unlimited actionable intelligence at your fingertips for proactive, informed decision making.

SmartFill Technology Features    SmartFill Technology Benefits
Direct XML integration with your shopping cart    Smooth and seamless order fulfillment
Dozens of reports    Relevant info to run your business
Real-time order and inventory information    Full visibility into your fulfillment operations
Multiple user levels    You decide who has access to what information
Dedicated customer service    Average three hour response time
Inventory Level Alerts (you set the minimum)    Never run out of inventory
Real-time integration with all major shipping companies    Maximum shipping options


ecommerce Fulfillment Services
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ecommerce Fulfillment Services